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1. Vimeiro, Club de Golfe de

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Well-known for the excellent condition in which its nine holes are kept, Vimeiro is situated on the banks of a river close to the Atlantic coast. Set in a region famous for its hot springs and in which agriculture and vineyards are the predominant force in the local economy, Vimeiro has a nine hole course that unfurls itself between cliffs and offers panoramic views over the sea to one side, while inland it looks over hills and woods. Frank Pennink designed it to run along the banks of the «Alcabrichel» river, which divides the course into two parts. Vimeiro is not a long course, but is famous for the quality of its greens. It is, however, a difficult course: its fairways are narrow and there is little margin for errors. A good example of the demands the course puts on players is the first hole. Just a few metres from the hotel's entrance, it affords a general view over the course: with the river to the right of the fairway and an out-of-bounds area on the opposite side, the golfer has to play accurately right from the start of the game. On the same level of difficulty is hole no. 9, a par 3 whose 191-metre/209-yard length together with a raised green, makes the target quite difficult to reach. Other amenities include: Swimming pool, tennis courts, horse riding.

Date Added: Jan 4, 2006    Rating: 3.00    Votes: 12 Visits: 1428

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Category:  Portugal Golf Courses :: Torrres Vedras Golf Courses

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