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1. Birdland Golf & Country Club

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In the 17th century the Counts Szepry found a wonderful spot to build their baroque palace on their estate around Steinamanger - now Szombathely - on the Pannonian Plain. Today this piece of land serves as a home for Birdland Golf & Country Club in Bkfrd. The palace today is a delightful hotel. Bkfrd is Hungary's newest holiday resort just fifteen miles from the Austrian border, a vacation spot which attracts thousands of guests each year from home and abroad. The idyllic landscape and environment offer a superb opportunity for holiday makers to relax and spend an enjoyable time here. This spot was consciously decided upon being in the centre of the Vienna-Budapest-Graz triangle and having pleasant climate. The resort offers the best conditions for an enjoyable game of golf and other leisure activities. The most beautiful part of the whole establishment is the 18-hole golf course. It fulfils the highest demands and meets the standards in Europe. The unbelievably magnificent course offers an exciting and at the same time an extremely hard field for golf players. The highest asset on the 96-hectare/237-acre area is a 7-hectare/18-acre set of lakes and ponds in the centre; its ecological benefits are beyond compare. The area is the home of many species of birds, so the golf course deserves the name Birdland. Special attention was given to the training field, the driving range which can be played from both sides. The 9-hole course surrounds the target field, which offers particularly exciting and interesting game opportunities. This course is mainly recommended for those past the beginner's level and with adequate knowledge of golf, its rules and its etiquette. The target golf is recommended for beginners who wish to practice the fundamentals of the game as well as the various chipping and pitching strokes. The course is also suitable for tournaments where the golfers are welcome to measure their strength in addition to training. The International Golf Academy offers various training programmes, both for beginners and for those who wish to develop their skills. The president and proprietor, Jnos Palots is a successful businessman and a well-known Hungarian politician. Through his person the club has gained the attention of many outstanding personalities of Hungarian social, economic and political life. The club's target is to create a pleasant setting and an ideal sport for its members where they keep contact with each other, strike up new acquaintancies, and gain new friends.

Date Added: May 14, 2006    Rating: 3.00    Votes: 4 Visits: 3599

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