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Top :: United Kingdom Golf Courses :: Aberlady, East Lothian, Golf Courses  

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1. Luffness New Golf Club

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Luffness today is famous for its greens which rate among the finest in the country. When Bobby Locke offered the Head Greenkeeper a written statement to this effect Mr. King replied, "No thank ye Sir - a 'body kens aboot it". The high quality of the Luffness greens is still acknowledged by all, including those professionals who play the qualifying rounds at Luffness when the Open Championship is held at Muirfield. There can be few more stimulating courses than Luffness New. One can be astonished in middle age to walk off the eighteenth green feeling so invigorated and refreshed. The nature of the turf probably has something to do with this, being of springy type which gives gently to the feet, like a rich Persian carpet. The sea air too has its beneficial qualities and the course is sensibly flat apart from minor undulations associated with seaside courses. All in all Luffness provides a first class test of golf in an environment of considerable scenic beauty. The fairways are beautifully kept, and the golfer who can keep the ball down the middle will find little to worry him, but there is plenty of trouble in store for the wanderers. The bunkers are placed fairly to punish the errant shot, and furthermore they are constructed to penalise severely those who cannot get the ball into the air. On Scotland's coast wind can be an incalculable hazard, and the caddies have been heard to say "It will take you three to be up there in two today, Sir' - the 2nd, 9th, 14th and 18th all between 420 and 435 yards/384 and 398 metres fall into this category. The long 4th is a very good hole of its type with a deceptive hollow in front of the green calling for all judged approach. The 8th and 12th also merit a special word of praise for their attractive layout from the tee. The 4th and 12th greens are situated close to the clubhouse; members are thus able to play a number of permutations without having to walk back from the country. Luffness New is an excellent example of a private club. The course is kept in fine condition in summer and winter. The atmosphere in the club house is one of gentlemanly goodwill, and, perhaps the greatest blessing of them all, the course is seldom crowded. The club has no ladies' tees, but ladies may play as guests.

Date Added: Nov 7, 2005    Rating: 3.00    Votes: 15 Visits: 2765

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Category:  United Kingdom Golf Courses :: Aberlady, East Lothian, Golf Courses

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