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1. Monastir Flamingo Golf

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Magnificently situated on a plateau shaded by century old olive trees, the Monastir Golf Club offers the striking contrast set between the desert and the sea. From stream-eroded cliffs, the golf course spreads over crests and hills, down through valleys and around ponds, under the ever blue Mediterranean sky. Designed by the Californian architect Ronald Fream, the Monastir course combines the technical qualities of the best international golf courses, together with a stunning use of North Africa's sumptuously rugged scenery. The course satisfies both the athletic and technical aspects of the game. A player must have both a strong shot and accuracy to overcome the obstacles. The golfer has to contend with the wind and the many large well-placed water hazards. The fairways, which overlook the sea, cross ravines, climb hills or gently slope towards greens set above the ponds. Having the choice of five tees gives each golfer the chance to enjoy a game at his own level. Physically demanding without being exhausting, this breezy course is pleasant to play even in very hot weather. The practice ground is located on a cliff overlooking the lakes, from the driving range you can overlook the entire golf course and site. The luxurious club house with its white terraces is built in typical Tunisian style. The bar and the restaurant which opens on to the golf course make an ideal stop between the 9th and the 10th holes. The proshop is stocked with the best brands of equipment. Seven golf professionals and 30 caddies are availabe to help you discover and enjoy this spectacular golf course. Golf packages are available.

Date Added: May 1, 2006    Rating: 4.00    Votes: 30 Visits: 3039

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