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Top :: Belgium Golf Courses :: Broechem Golf Courses  

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1. Bossenstein, Golf & Polo Club

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The Château of Bossenstein, a fine fortress surrounded by moats, dates back to the 14th century and now overlooks the spectacular Bossenstein Golf Course, enjoying a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and fairways leading off into the distance with military precision. The Bossenstein offers variety and caters for all levels of play on fairways which stretch out over a gently undulating plain negotiating its way around numerous lakes and bouquets of newly-planted saplings towards greens which are cleverly defended by discreet bunkers. In short, a combination of variety and pleasure in close proximity to the capital. Carefully designed to suit beginners, a nine-hole 'compact' course offers an excellent training ground for those in search of ways to perfect their swing before setting out on a real round of golf. The clubhouse sets the tone for the quality of this prestigious club. It is located amidst an attractive cluster of buildings with pretty flowerbeds outside, while inside visitors will find a bar and a luxury restaurant, not forgetting the picturesque proshop.

Date Added: Jan 16, 2006    Rating: 2.00    Votes: 22 Visits: 2708

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Category:  Belgium Golf Courses :: Broechem Golf Courses

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