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Newsletter Archives

Youth Juice Youth Juice

Ten years ago I attained my pharmacy doctorate and I have worked in the health and wellness industry since. In my profession I treat a range of issues, but I get the most satisfaction from seeing people becoming healthier and happier. My philosophy has helped patients lose weight, become healthier, and gain self-confidence. I would like to share with you three products that can help you look better and feel the way you deserve to feel.

Published on Thursday, June 28th 2007

ByteAll Media ByteAll Media

The premier production and streaming video company in San Diego. For over 10 years we have been helping businesses of all sizes achieve their greatest. We are dedicated to assisting our clients with all their internet marketing, web development, and video needs.

Published on Thursday, June 28th 2007

Ernie Els Training System Ernie Els Training System

The Complete Ernie Els Training System-Do not spend a fortune on new clubs and putters that can not fix the problem. Golf\'s only complete Tee-to-Green Training System will groove your game guaranteed from the box to the cup without breaking the bank . First the Tempotimer works on every club from driver to wedge to perfect the perfect swing tempo. Next the Rockroller transforms your putting stroke into the pro-tour pendulum stroke used by the best tour players and then pull the stimpdimple from your back pocket for perfect pace and speed on the green all guaranteed to lower your scores and just $99.99 for the complete system, you save over $40 with shipping and handling.

Published on Thursday, June 28th 2007

GlassRoom Java Voice Chat GlassRoom Java Voice Chat

Chat Essentials can be used in a broad range of application such as: building customer help desks, multimedia conference rooms, sales counters, distance learning centers, and online communities.

Published on Thursday, June 28th 2007

Online Realty Media Online Realty Media

Online Realty Media will create, and encode a custom video presentation featuring you, the agent, plus full digital video tours of your top listings. These videos can be viewed by potential buyers on your website. We will built an E-Video Brochure version of these video tours which can be emailed to your potential market.

Published on Wednesday, June 27th 2007

Jhanna High Performance Hosting Jhanna High Performance Hosting

Jhanna is a leading provider of solutions for the delivery of rich media content via the Internet. Our content delivery network is the optimal platform for the distribution of video, music, games, downloads, and social media content to massive audiences worldwide. Now content providers can focus on doing what they do best -- create compelling content for their target audiences - while leaving the challenge of immediate, reliable delivery to us.

Published on Tuesday, June 26th 2007

TempoTimer Special TempoTimer Special

TempoTimer Special

Published on Tuesday, June 26th 2007

Find SD Homes Find SD Homes

Find San Diego Homes

Published on Tuesday, June 26th 2007

Frutaiga Frutaiga

Frutaiga is Sweeping the NATION! Stunning research on stress, energy, mental clarity and sex drive shocks the western world. Classified Russian secrets uncovered, and the results are absolutely amazing.

Published on Tuesday, April 17th 2007

Jay Robb Fat Burning Chef Jay Robb Fat Burning Chef

The Fat Burning Chef Get ready to be amazed! JAY ROBB, the nationally recognized Author and Nutritionist Personality known as The Fat Burning Chef is bringing his vast knowledge of fat burning secrets to television. Jay Robb is absolutely phenomenal as the star of the hit Fat Burning Chef TV Series. His theme song says it all- When The Fat Burning Chef comes to town, your body fat is going down. Millions of people will be entertained while learning Jay\'s recipes for fat loss success. Produced by the top specialty TV Show creator, Michael Henry, THIS IS A MAJOR LEAGUE HIT TV SERIES!

Published on Tuesday, April 17th 2007

Golf Course Sponsors Golf Course Sponsors

Fill out our quick application form. It is fast and easy, just describe your business and wait for us to review and approve it. Within 24-48 hours you will know if you have been accepted or denied. We partner with only the best and most trustworthing companies. With your help, we can start promoting you quick and easy and bring more traffic to your business.

Published on Friday, June 29th 2007