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Our partner program

The SwingNGolf.com community and the services offered there have been growing dynamically since their introduction. We are thereby approaching our goal of making SwingNGolf.com the central golf platform in the world with huge strides. This is now the right time to begin our new partner program. By the integration of powerful partners our service offers are significantly extended and thereby a win/win/win situation is created for all. The added value for the users of SwingNGolf.com increases additionally, you have access to an excellent and sustainable business opportunity and we can firmly anchor SwingNGolf.com as the indispensable portal for golfers in future. We are not interested in high license fees or other initial hurdles for our partners. All we want is expertise, enthusiasm and professionalism. Take advantage of this unique opportunity! 

Request a package

Local Partner: You love the game of golf and can devote at least 50% of your working time and capacity to it at the beginning (more during the season). In the region where you live you will service the needs of about 25 golf clubs and support them in their cooperation with and use of SwingNGolf.com. You conduct the local events, get new members for the events and negotiate with advertising partners.
Singles Event Partner: You have experience with the planning and execution of singles events and conduct golf singles events in your region (or, depending on the size in your country).
Singles Travel Partner: You have experience in the conduct of attractive singles events and organize singles journeys and vacations, depending on the destination together with the travel partner in the individual vacation countries.
Travel Partner: You organize and conduct interesting golf packages in your country (including hotels, teetimes, golf courses, supporting events, etc.) as a tourist company.
Check Out Partner:: you have excellent connections to the big labels of the world (textiles, golf equipment, etc.), and can therefore use interesting purchasing sources to use SwingNGolf.com as an excellent marketing portal.
Golf Line Partner: : You develop your own "SwingNGolf.com" golf fashion and equipment label and market these products exclusively via SwingNGolf.com. As an expert in the procurement market you have excellent contacts, and you see an excellent opportunity for independence or to build up a second leg.
Real Estate Partner: You are an experienced real estate agent and would like to use SwingNGolf.com as an excellent marketing platform for your golf properties.
Shop Partners: : You run an attractive online golf shop (wide range, very good prices) and would like to make additional turnover with the SwingNGolf.com members?
Learning Events Partner: You are experienced in the conception, and organization of training courses and you are fascinated to organize special golf, and learn events at attractive locations. Depending upon the target market this will be in cooperation with the appropriate travel partners.
Country Manager: You are looking for a new management challenge, and take responsibility for the overall development of SwingNGolf.com in your country. This includes all of the business development activities, marketing measures, national sponsoring and also the care of all of the national partners.