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Banner advertisement

Use the attractively of SwingNGolf.com and address thousands of users every day. You can implement your banner advertisement according to hierarchy and / or pages on the right hand side of our homepage.

Our banner offer is set up in a way that you can implement your banner according to geographical or other criteria. Monthly cost are calculated according to the range of coverage and run between $95.00 and $490.00. You also have the option to market yourself strategically to small companies, hotels, restaurants, etc. in the area of a specific golf course.

Further steps:


Reach your target group within a few short minutes and gain long term clients?

SwingNGolf.com is the largest golf community on the internet. Golfers around the world use the platform on a regular basis. We are pleased to offer you the possibility for banner advertisement on our portal. You will be able to reach the exact golfer target group within the shortest time thanks to our very flexible booking possibilities.

Basic principle

You may choose any area on the portal to place your banner. The areas are set up parallel to the menu bar on SwingNGolf.com. Additionally all regional criteria within the golf club database are available to you (from a global advertisement down to an advertisement on a local golf club).

With diverse settings and banner data sets you will have the possibility to manage varying campaigns. A comfortable menu prompt makes the placing of the banners easy and you have an exact overview at any time. We will inform you ahead of time about expiring campaigns.

Your benefit

Banner advertisements ensure the direct contact to your target group without any divergence loss.

Golfers are an above-average purchase group; are mobile and free-spending. The specialized portal SwingNGolf.com guarantees the best possible addressing: This advertising effort helps you to concentrate exclusively on golfers and additionally offers you geographical hierarchy levels to contact solely golfers within your preferred region.

Prices and format

Placement Cost per Banner/month
Main page 490
Lower page Golfclubs Top Levels 390
Lower page Golfclubs Level Country 250
Lower page Golfclubs Level Region 150
Lower page Golfclubs Level Golf club 95