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Job and freelance offers

All of these positions are very well suited for
  • linguistically talented people,
  • who want to work from their home offices
  • have a PC and internet connection

Current job offers:

  • Campaign Manager: You conceive the weekly newsletters for golf clubs, members, advertising partners and our partner network and ensure that this communication is carried out professionally while observing and analyzing the results with our high-performance tools.
  • Data Gathering Manager: You are responsible for ensuring that the golf club data in our portal is constantly kept up to date. For this purpose you research the latest data, randomly check the changes made by our members, coordinate various sources of information and remain in regular contact with the European golf clubs.
  • User Support: You deal immediately with the requests for support which we receive in a prompt, friendly and targeted manner by email. You check any reports of mistakes that are received, coordinate their rectification with the development manager and keep in contact with the users concerned.

Current freelance offers

You are used to working on the basis of success, are highly motivated, extremely professional and have the appropriate experience for the position in question:
  • Enterprise Sales Manager: You deal with and support major SwingNGolf.com sponsors throughout Europe.
  • BtB-Manager: You deal with new companies to cooperate with SwingNGolf.com in your home market and support existing customers. The possibilities are extensive and include, among others, sponsoring, advertising slots, cooperation measures, company memberships and much more. Your customers are companies from a variety of sectors that are interested in gaining new customers in the target group of "golfers".
  • Cooperation Manager: You deal with and support SwingNGolf.com's major cooperation (barter marketing) partners, and assist our local partners in the acquisition and support of local cooperation partners. You negotiate individually targeted win/win performance packages with the cooperation partners. SwingNGolf.com provides access to thousands of golfers for our partners and the cooperation partners grant our members exclusive advantages.
  • Members Program Manager: You ensure a continuous further development of our "gold premium" and "platinum premium" membership categories. For this purpose you deal with attractive partners who grant our members exclusive advantages, you organize unique VIP events, ensure the adequate marketing of the advantages and much more. Simply put, you make it a "must" for the golfers to become either a "gold" or "platinum" member at SwingNGolf.com.
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