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What is SwingNGolf.com?

SwingNGolf is where the energy and attitude of sports combine with the necessity of getting a communication through an online community.

Our target market, golfers, has been the leading market in the sports industry. By relentlessly targeting golfers worldwide, designing an environment to appeal to the golfers and laying in the entertainment of sports, SwingNGolf has created a concept so strong that as an established business we are well “styled” for success.

What makes this great idea even better is the knowledge and professionalism we employ to ensure the success of our brand name. With over 50 years combined experience in the golf, internet, and TV field, SwingNGolf's top management team has the “right stuff” to turn this concept into a top opportunity. Our success is due to the fact that we do not aspire to open a large number of company stores, but instead invest our energy in our programs. That is why we say, “When You are Successful, We are Successful.”

We offer services to our members never before seen in this form. Basic membership, with countless attractive services, is completely free for all golf players, golf clubs and everyone interested in becoming part of the golfing community.

www.SwingNGolf.com is a worldwide available, internet portal set up as a user-friendly and accessible platform offering a multitude of services for pros, golfers and golf clubs.

Becoming a member of this internet golf community offers you numerous attractive advantages and benefits. As a member in addition to attractive discounts on nearly every one of the golf courses listed in our database, you will receive comprehensive and informative data regarding your specific query.

One of the great advantages for golf clubs lies in utilizing our internet services without any additional investments or charges. Becoming a member of SwingNGolf.com will only add effectively to their profitability by gaining new national and international players, by enhancing the turnover of green fees sold, therefore increasing the revenue on the green free, by marketing and registering tournaments or by publishing club internal messages and news.

Last but not least, we want to offer an attractive platform for third-party involvement by giving locally, nationally and globally active sponsors the opportunity to advertise online to their target group and to be an active and profitable part at our events.

The Company behind this extensive project is ByteAll Media, a Media Marketing Company that specializes in Internet Media. We have been busy designing numerous web portals in specialized niche markets since the late 1990's. With our unique base of talent and creativity, these portals are engaging, useful, informative and profitable, while also being true labors of love.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages please read on: